Show me how! What’s Next?

At Joseph Solomon, we don’t see problems. In other words, we see opportunities for you to grow.

Firstly, the problem, issue or opportunity needs to be properly and clearly defined in order to solve. Secondly, all information related to the opportunity must be gathered and analyzed. Moreover, the information analysis will expose the gaps within your business system. Lastly, a plan must be designed, executed and measured after implementation.

All of our programs helps to properly and clearly define opportunities. We:

  • Assist with problem or opportunity definition
  • Benchmark, collect and analyze data
  • Define problem(s): define gaps, effects and root cause(s)
  • Expose opportunities: perform market analysis and decide if the opportunity is a worthy endeavor
  • Develop clear data-driven actionable steps
  • Monitor measurements and results to ensure the proposed solution is effective

In conclusion, we guide, support and facilitate your business vision into reality. All results are created and backed by data driven analysis and are presented in clear steps for execution.

Our Services and Packages

Organized, Patient and Available

There are so many great words that I could say about working with this company. I appreciate the fact that Wulwyn was organized, patient and readily available. He made our engagement feel like a genuine experience and not just a exchange of goods and services. I can admit that as a small business owner its intimidating to start out on your own with various unknowns. Working with Wulwyn has given me the necessary tools and business fundamentals to be success in my entrepreneurial endeavor. 

Lucretia Dolly, Owner
Biz3 B Brand Ambassador